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Sarah Abbott, 22, was hiking in Newfoundland, looking for a secret harbor that her recently deceased grandmother had painted. She was killed by an arrow and fell down a cliff into the water.  

Temperance is closed off after her father’s death and tells Booth that she needs a few days to herself, so he goes to Newfoundland with Aubrey to investigate the murder. 

Turns out Sarah’s grandmother, Stella Lewis was born Estella Andreason, and her family owns 300 acres of coastal land in Newfoundland that a developer is offering $24 million to buy. 

Sarah was on the Andreason land when Kathleen Tobine illegally took developer Adam Hitchcock there because he insisted on hunting caribou. Adam saw movement and took his shot, killing Sarah. Then he paid off Kathleen to help him throw her body off the cliff in the hopes that she’d be washed out to sea and no one would ever know. 

Brennan’s former boyfriend, Sully returns to check on her, having heard about Max’s death. Brennan wonders why she can open up to Sully about her dad but she’s shutting Booth out. Sully tells her that grief has a way of mixing you up, and that she and Booth will get through this. 

Brennan tells Angela that every time she talks to Booth she feels the need to reassure him that Max’s death wasn’t his fault, but she really just wants to concentrate on herself right now. Angela assures her that that is okay. 


Later, Booth returns home and they reaffirm how much they love one another. They attend Max’s funeral together with their friends. Brennan’s brother Russ is unable to attend but will be visiting with his family later in the summer and Brennan says they will do something to remember Max then. 

Hodgins and Clark uncover a Viking settlement on the Andreason land and the Jeffersonian plans to research it. 

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Bones Season 12 Episode 8 Quotes

Angela: How are you?
Brennan: Everyone keeps asking me that, I don't know how to answer that question.

Look, you're not alone here, remember that. I love you, so just tell me what you need.