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Austin Wilson, 24. a former foster kid who was saving money to go to Princeton by both working construction and tutoring college students is killed with multiple shotgun blasts. 

Turns out some of Austin’s clients mothers wanted to sleep with him but that didn’t lead to his death. Austin took his friend Bennie’s sawed off shotgun when he found out Bennie was committing robberies. 

Austin was quitting his tutoring jobs. One of his students, Jacob, became furious when he realized he was only a paycheck to Austin. Jacob pushed him down a flight of stairs, then moved his body to another location and when he found the shotgun in the back of Austin’s car, he used to shoot him several times. 

Aubrey’s father, Phillip, returns and tells Aubrey that he has a new wife and young son. Since the government has been shutting down his accounts, he needs money to help support his child. Aubrey isn’t sure if he can arrest his father, knowing he’ll leave another little boy to grow up fatherless.

After speaking to Booth, Aubrey turns his father in, and then finds out that Phillip lied about having a wife and son. 

Brennan hates the person doing the narration on her new book and considers doing it herself, but changes her mind when she realized she isn’t very good at it. 

Dr. Fisher insults Brennan’s novels, until Brennan realizes that Fisher once wrote fan fiction about her novels. 


Hodgins accidentally releases spiders in Cam’s office. She vows revenge, but says he’ll never know when or where it will occur. 

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