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Bones' murder victim this week was having sex with the likely killer, and she was on top. She was not, however, the person who lived in that apartment. Nor did its occupant do the deed.

The tech solution was Angela collecting the pieces of images of his face in all possible reflections of it in the room, putting together a composite and, bingo, there's the face of the killer.

It was the agent who was tailing the girl for selling fake purses. Of all things.

The main personal story was the awkwardness between Booth and Hannah and what Bones told him last month - how she loved him and missed her chance.

Hannah's understandably not happy. 

The last scene features Bones and Hannah at a bar, drinking their heads off, Bones concluding it's time she moved on from Booth, and Bones and Hannah laughing it up.

Elsewhere, there was some excellent stuff between Angela and Hodgins, and it's always good to see Clark on the job.

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