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Booth, Bones and the team hunt down a bounty hunter who was killed in pursuit of a murder suspect who skipped bail.

They are confronted with a challenge in the form of another bounty hunter who inadvertently aids his escape. Very suspicious.

The dead guy was a bounty hunter chasing after Mr. Braverman, and Mr. Braverman’s wife was psychologically dependent on him, and the other, female bounty hunter flirted her way out of Booth’s handcuffs in her attempt to track him down, all while evading a bail bondsman with terminal cancer.

It turns out the female bounty hunter killed Wolf, with a bean bag gun providing a surprising twist to a surprisingly complex plot.

Meanwhile, Bunson Jude the Science Dude (David Alan Grier) made for a refreshing change of pace from the rotating cast of Squinterns.

His goal was to get Brennan to do his show, which she wouldn't agree to unless he proved useful on the case. He won her over.

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