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The Gravedigger (Heather Taffett) is headed to court for her appeal. Her head is blown off by a mysterious gunman - a pro.

Sweets is shaken up. Hodgins is grateful Taffett is toast. Booth is on the hunt for the assassin and no one is ruled out.

Even Brennan's dad is a suspect, although it turns out he's clean. Then one of the Digger's victim's dads turns up dirty.

He admits he paid $2 million to a sniper, who picked the victim and named the price. Booth puts the pieces together.

It's one of about a half dozen people who could even pull this off. Interrogating one, he realizes it's another, and it's personal.

Booth tracks him down in the woods - which the sniper wanted, even baited him to - but won't kill him without proof.

The sniper escapes, Booth dislocates his shoulder and lives to fight another day.

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