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Booth and Brennan are drafted by Brennan’s father, Max Keenan, to go undercover at his bowling league in order to uncover and apprehend the killer of one of Max’s teammates. Suspects abound as they enter the high stakes world of tournament bowling.

Angela and Hodgins prepare for the arrival of their baby, who is late. The predicament has Angela consuming hot sauce to induce labor and Hodgins is on edge.

The chemistry between Booth and Brennan has markedly changed since the death of Vincent Nigel Murray and in the end Brennan tells Booth that she’s pregnant with his baby, a cliffhanger that will leave their future in limbo until Bones returns in the Fall.

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Bones Season 6 Episode 23 Quotes

I think we should just let the hot sauce do its magic.


Angela: One of these days I'm sure the Guiness people are going to come measure me.
Hodgins: You look beautiful.
Angela: Yeah, for a water buffalo.