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The episode begins with Booth drinking with Sweets, who wants to discuss potentially getting married to Daisy. In the course of their discussion, Sweets admits that he doesn’t want to end up unmarried like Booth, who decides in a drunken state that he wants to propose to Hannah.

In the meantime, Booth and Brennan investigate the death of a BMX daredevil whose body managed to make it on the roof of a navy yard warehouse. The kid was apparently attempting an extreme stunt that would have launched him onto the roof where he died. When the stunt went bad, the guy and his friend got into a fight. The biker, angry over his failure to complete the stunt, comes to blows with his friend, who manages to kick him in the jaw with a casted leg, causing internal decapitation, and, ultimately, his friend’s death.

In the final minutes, Booth proposes to Hannah, who, while professing her love for him, rejects his proposal for marriage. Though Hannah suggests they start over, it’s clear that Booth is completely heartbroken. So much so, he throws the ring into the reflecting pool and Hannah goes to clear her things from Booth’s apartment.

Booth stops by Founding Fathers for a drink, which quickly turns into more. Brennan meets him there at Hannah’s request. She plays the role of the best friend, listening to Booth lament over his misfortune, having a drink with him as a sign of her devotion to their partnership.

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