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The episode begins with Angela and Hodgins discussing his mail, which includes an acceptance letter from Columbia for Michelle care of Cam. An agreement is made between the two soon-to-be-parents that they will not be applying for admission on behalf of their child. Angela cautions him not to question her about it, but approves a silent “disapproving look.”

The dismembered feet of unknown victims are recovered along the American-Canadian border, sparking both professional and jurisdictional issues between Booth, Brennan and a Forensic Podiatrist named Dr. Filmore. Coincidentally, this podiatrist is a consultant scorned, as Brennan wrote a rather scathing article dictating why his field should not be recognized by the Forensic Society. For investigative purposes, he is asked to come to the Jeffersonian to assist the team so they can have access to the Canadian feet.

The investigation leads to a body farm, where it is discovered that a PHD student is the deceased. The investigation is pushed along by the help of the podiatrist, which eventually leads them directly to a fellow PHD candidate, who confesses to killing his colleague.

In the end, Brennan apologizes to Dr. Filmore, curing a debilitated right arm, which was caused by Brennan’s scathing article.

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Bones Season 6 Episode 17 Quotes

Booth: Wouldn't you like to be normal person like the rest of us who doesn't paralyze people?
Brennan : People who tell the truth have always endured scrutiny for their honesty...it's my duty.

Booth [to Brennan]: What makes us human bones is that we can feel compassion and regret.
Brennan: I can tell this is really important to you, why?
Booth: Because I know what kind of person you are, and I think it's time you let other people in on your little secret.