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A burnt corpse found in a truck leads Brennan and Booth to a motorcycle shop and then to a local high school where the victim's wife works.

They find evidence of an illicit relationship between a teacher and a student, and blackmail from another student hiding evidence of it.

Meanwhile, Hannah tries to form a bond with Booth's son, Parker, and she actually does well despite her initial trepidation.

Sweets helps Daisy with a government psychological exam. Even with a little cheating, she had a hard time ... but passed.

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Bones Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Hannah: I don't want to mess anything up between you and your son.
Booth: Look, I love you, all right? He's gonna love you, too. And don't think of him as a kid. Just think of him as a short guy who … who's not allowed to drink.

Booth: The point is, like, they have to meet sometime, right?
Sweets: Well, yeah, if your relationship with Hannah is serious, then …
Booth: It is serious.
Sweets: I wasn't questioning that …
Booth: It sounded like you were.
Sweets: No, I wasn't.
Booth: Well, it's serious.
Sweets: Then they have to meet.