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Booth and Brennan adjust to their new routine as parents, while also tracking down the killer in a disgusting new case, in "The Bump in the Road.

It’s Brennan’s first day back at the Jeffersonian since having Christine, as well as Christine’s first day in daycare. Brennan pretends she doesn’t struggle with missing her 6-week-old, but eventually admits this difficulty to Booth.

Cam deals with the return of Finn Abernathy, which leads to a chance meeting between Finn and Michelle. Finn and Michelle hit it off instantly, but it takes some serious convincing for Cam to get on board with it.

The case revolves around the discovery of the body of an extreme coupon-er in the middle of a highway, and it’s discovered that the manager of the store she shopped most frequently was responsible for her death.

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Bones Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Actually, I just read that they made an 18 megapixel camera that works quite well.


You shouldn't hit people. You should use your words. That's what all the books say.