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When bluejays start dropping like flies from the sky in a landfill, the Jeffersonian team finds themselves uncovering the body ofa hair dresser found in a dumpster. Doused in blue liquid and without any hair, the team attempts to identify him and the killer leading right back to his deranged shampoo boy with an obsession with Santiago’s hair.


Brennan starts feeling the post-baby blues. Booth, unable to seem to cheer her up, seeks Dr. Sweets advice. The advice leads him to a lingerie shop, which goes over well with Brennan. In the meantime, Angela attempts to help Brennan get through her blues with a spa day.


Aristu, acting rather strangely at the lab, admits to Hodgins that he’s been published in a Forensic Journal. Unfortunately, his article gets dropped for a puff piece, but even as Aristu bathes in embarrassment he looks forward to his next project.


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Bones Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

I am not familiar with Dr. Gomez's work, but I am sure I would enjoy reading it.


Good luck. I hope I don't have to fire you.

Brennan [to Aristu]