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-Colin Gibson's, a 14 year old boy, body is found in a greenhouse. The team realizes his body was recently moved.

-Colin was killed performing a daredevil stunt for his friends. They panicked and hid his body but when one friend had nightmares of Colin saying he was cold he decided to move the body to the greenhouse.

-Avalon, Angela's psychic friend says Colin's spirit can't move on because he's sad, even after they figure out how he died.  Turns out Colin made a mix tape for a girl who never played it. Once Angela plays it and the video of Colin's song for the girl, his spirit moves on.

-The entire team is affected by Colin's death. Even Brennan speaks to his remains as though he can hear her.

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Bones Season 8 Episode 9 Quotes

It's better he hurt himself dare deviling for the internet than getting beat by a drunk foster father.


OK. Take a hike bug boy.