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Booth and Brennan meet with intern Wendell to talk about his future. 

A body is found dead, eaten by coyotes and regurgitated back upon itself by them.

Wendell shows up for work with a cast. He had his arm broken playing hockey with Booth. It’s a country singer, Colin Haynes, with no family. .

Brennan seems concerned about Wendell's broken arm, especially when they discover the murder victim had a bone disease. .

Brennan pulls Wendell’s X-rays and discovers he has bone cancer, Ewing’s Sarcoma. .

Booth and Sweets visit the album label owner and tell her nobody had anything nice to say, but she isn't surprised. .

Haynes started writing love songs, but before he died he was writing in D minor, which is the saddest key in music according to Angela’s dad. The last song he seemed to have been writing was again optimistic. .

Wendell’s cancer has a very high mortality rate, and Bones is struggling how to share the information with him. .

Booth and Sweets go back to Haynes apartment and a man was in the apartment and made a run for it. He wanted a piece of him for the “museum.” The Colin Haynes Museum in the Philippines. He’s a genius and until last week everyone thought he was long dead. Then a video appeared. .

The video was a fan video wherein they told him he had a lot of airplay on the radio in the Philippines, something of which he was completely unaware, and then geo-tagged it and it might have gotten him killed. .

Booth and Brennan talk to Wendell about his cancer, and he mentions that it’s one of the bad ones with less than a 10% chance of long-term survival. He thanks Brennan and leaves. .

Harriett from Boar Hog records likely sold Hayne's music overseas and never told him about it, something she doesn't admit. .

Wendell talks to Booth about whether or not to fight the cancer. Or if just riding it out to the end is the right thing to do. .

Sweets finds lyrics for love songs hidden in Haynes’ room and thinks he was embarrassed or afraid to declare his love for the first time. .

Haynes super, Kara, went on a date with him and had a fight with him before he was killed. .

Wendell decides to forego treatment and see the world, and Brennan says nothing. .

The bartender who worked at the bar where Haynes normally played killed him because he didn't want to lose Kara.

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Bones Season 9 Episode 13 Quotes

Brennan: I thought your belief in God gave you the sense that the universe had some kind of loving plan.
Booth: Well God tests us to see what we're made of so we can appreciate what we have.
Brennan: Well I can appreciate the universe without cancer.

Booth: I don't believe this.
Brennan: No it's true. I recovered a portion of them as I was scooping vomit out of the victim's eye socket.
Booth: Bones, remember that conversation we had about people trying to eat.
Brennan: Yes. Of course, yes. Well, I'm a little disappointed, because what will be our lunch conversation?