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Booth gets ready to testify in front of a Congressional committee. Sweets falls for a new intern at the Jeffersonian. 

A mother is planning something strange with her daughter, and she gets trapped in a well with a rotting corpse.

Booth is studying for the upcoming congressional hearing.

Sweets is in charge of the investigation while Booth studies.

The new intern talks out loud. Brennan doesn't speculate and she doesn't like it.

Sweets talks with the husband about the man identified. A swim coach at a community college.

Sweets wants to run all the leads himself, and even without Bones. 

Bones discovers all the swimmers loved the coach.

Coach Gaby, however, might have been sleeping with the coach. Gaby says she found indicators of another woman in his car, and she wasn't having an affair.

The intern, Ms. Warren, cleans the bones successfully.

Booth needs a study break and takes off to check out a lead from Sweets.

Brian Thomas wasn't having an affair... he was a drag queen.

Ms. Warren accepts Sweets apology by inviting herself to dinner. Cam catches them in a flirtatious moment that Sweets didn't even know he was having.

Kimmie doesn't want to take off her makeup because it takes about 3 hours to create herself.

Everybody wants Ms. Warren and Sweets to hit it off.

Brian's wife wishes he had shared his like with her because if he had trusted her maybe he would still be alive.

Joe the plumber actually liked Jenny. They fought because Joe thought Jenny stole his credit card. He called Jenny a tranny and shoved her, so felt like he deserved the the fight.

Cam walks up on Ms. Warren and Hodgins beating up the torsos. Hodgins has found someone who loves the science as much as he does.

Angela tells Sweets not to pass up Jessica (she has a first name!). 

Brian was shot through the water while swimming. The other coach is on the suspect list again.

The intern solves the case when she realizes the shot was fired under water. A student thought he would be turned in for cheating and lost it. 

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Bones Season 9 Episode 23 Quotes

Cam: You risked the remains by trying a technique you weren't sure was gonna work?
Warren: Yeah... thanks for all the pineapples and trusting me. I'm thinkin' Mai Tais after work.
Cam: But I don't trust you. Not now.
Hodgins: It was risky, but I gotta say -- science was on her side.

Brennan: What does it mean to Brennan someone. Is that a compliment? Dr. Sweets seems to be very thorough.
Sweets: Thank you!