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Booth worries about Brennan when she seems obsessed with a possible serial killer in their latest investigation.

Brennan is being haunted by the ghost of Christopher Pelant.

A box of remains arrives on Brennan's and Booth's door.
Booth talks to Sweets about Brennan's nightmares.
The victim, Lana Brewster, was an 18 year old sailing champion who died in 1995.
Lana's brother didn't like his sister very much, but his parents said she was beloved by everyone.
Lana was bound, which means she was murdered.
The medical examiner lied about Lana Brewster and covered up the truth about her death. It appeared she was paid to cover it up.
Booth thinks Brennan is obsessed with the idea there is a serial killer out there, and he's worried about her.
Cam discovers Edison has been sleeping at the Jeffersonian.
Lana's boat was sunk in the same way one of her competitors was to get insurance money.
Hodgins and Sweets go to see an old friend, Trent, from his prep school years in conjunction with the murder of Lana. 
Brennan doesn't believe Trent killed Lana, even though the evidence points to him, because he's not a woman, which she believes the serial killer to be.
Hodgins goes to Trent to tell him he believes he loved Lana and didn't kill her. Trent says he's the only one.
Angela tells Hodgins that Trent shot himself and didn't leave a note. Hodgins is surprised.
Trent's sister, Steph, acts oddly.
Trent was physically incapable of shooting himself.
Edison is breaking up with his girlfriend after eight years together.
Bones discovers similar injuries were both on Trent and Lana, meaning they were likely killed by the same person. Brennan is upset by the idea the inquest will rule Trent killed Lana and then himself, but Booth now believes Brennan and that they will find the woman who killed them both.
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Bones Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

Now put on that wrinkled shirt and get to work.


Angela: I never knew you sailed.
Hodgins: Yeah, I was a rich kid, you know. We had to sail and date at least one girl named Muffy. It's in the charter.