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A body found in the woods turns out to be a drop-out art student with lupus whose work at a marijuana dispensary may be connected to her death.

Booth prepares for the bureau's competency test.

Wendell comes back to Jeffersonian and everyone is a little touchy around his cancer.

Angela has a difficult time seeing Wendell in the state he's in.

Brennan and Booth argue about medical marijuana.

Cam can't let Wendell work at the Jeffersonian as long as he's using marijuana to help with his cancer. Since it's a federal institution and it's illegal federally, it could call into question anything he does on the case.

Hodgins thinks it's his fault that Wendell was let go because he said Wendell would be accepted.

Wendell confronts Booth about the marijuana and wants to make sure he doesn't think he's a loser.

The woman who was killed made a plant that had an extremely high medicinal quality but very low intoxicating quality.

Brennan refuses to take another intern in place of Wendell.

Booth and Brennan talked to Caroline at the justice department to arrange for Wendell to work as a freelance case consultant. As long as he has no physical contact with the evidence and is paid as a contractor, he can keep working with them and still do his marijuana treatment.

Booth got the 97th percentile on his cognitive tests.


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Bones Season 9 Episode 20 Quotes

Angela: I actually think you're making the cancer thing very sexy, Wendell.
Brennan: Ewing's Sarcoma has an 80% mortality rating, Angela. That's not sexy.
Wendell: Thanks for the reminder, Dr. B.
Brennan: My pleasure.

Hodgins: Well. You're a stronger man than I am.
Wendell: Making you look bad is one of the things that keeps me going.