Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 7 Online now to find out what happens when the team investigates a hedge fund company. And it looks like James Aubrey is hiding something.

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In Bones Season 10 Episode 7, two single dads find a dead body underneath an old merry-go-round. And when Brennan, Cam, and the rest of the team examine the body, the investigation leads to a highly successful hedgfund company.

Booth and James Aubrey find themselves questioning people who are so rich that they literally throw money around and have lavish parties in the middle of the day. But there's a conflict of interest for Aubrey, and Booth has concerns about how it will affect his ability to work the case. And it does seem to interfere when Aubrey speaks to the victim's wife. What could his secret possibly be?

And back at the lab, Oliver Wells is the squintern this week, and he insists to Dr. Brennan that he will one day be a better forensic anthropologist than she is. He spends much of the episode trying to prove himself to her and to outdo her. This leads to some humorous moments, especially in the way that Dr. Brennan reacts to him.

At home, Christine has started using the word "jack ass" and Booth and Brennan disagree over whether this is problematic. Brennan thinks the behavior is normal, but Booth is concerned.

Watch Bones Season 10 Episode 7 to find out how this case goes and what James Aubrey is hiding!

Episode Details

On bones, the team investigates a hedge fund company, and a suspect (Gil Bellows) is taken into custody.

Rating: 3.9 / 5.0 (44 Votes)
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Bones Season 10 Episode 7 Quotes

Cam: Those all sound like names of super villains.
Hodgins: Nope. They are brand names for a structural insecticide.

Brennan: Well, I believe the expression is "bring it on over," Dr. Wells.
Wells: No. The expression is "bring it on." There's no over. But, okay.