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Jonathan, George, and Ray meet up with their opponents at a local bar for an interview about their upcoming fight. Each person is talking smack about the other, except for Ray’s challenger who is kind of crushing on him in a weird homo-erotic way. 

Jonathan goes home and is trying to write his book when he gets a call from Stella, the girl he met last week. She invites herself over with some killer hydroponic medicinal marijuana. Jonathan gladly accepts. Nothing sexual takes place, but some innocent flirting with a nerf basketball game. Just as she leaves, he gets a call from a mysterious stranger telling him to take a dive at the fight – or else.

The following night, Jonathan gets another call from the same mysterious man – he tells him again to take a dive or else he will inform Page Six about George needing Viagra. This guy is obviously an amateur because he doesn’t call block his home number; leading Jonathan directly to his home. Jonathan, dressed as the awesome detective that he is, takes back the bottle and finds out that his opponent set this guy up.

Once back at home and as he is about to start writing his novel, Jonathan receives another call from Stella asking him if he wants to try out her new vaporizer that just came in. Obviously, he did not decline and after getting uber high, they have mind blowing sex.

George gets a surprise visit from his ex-wife, Pricilla, who doesn’t come over to just say hello – she asks George to take a dive for the sake of her current husbands health. She is afraid that this fight could cause him to have a heart attack due to the over exertion. Somehow, the chemistry between George and Pricilla causes them to go at it and they end up back in the sack.

The day of this fight comes. Ray is first up to bat against his creepy fan. The guy hits Ray and cuase him to fall down. Because Suzanne offers sex - if he stays down, Ray happily loses.

Jonathan is next and kicks the crap out of his opponent. Stella shows up and gives him a perfect movie - congratulatory kiss – then leaves.

Finally, it’s George’s grand moment for victory. He wins the first round quite easily. He sees a very concerned Pricilla in the crowd and takes a dive letting her husband win. The fight is over and Pricilla gracefully leaves with a silent thank-you.

The series ends with George and Jonathan in the ring alone and happily talking about how lucky they both are for their friendship.

Bored to Death
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Bored to Death Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

You gotta make a sandwich. Your hands are the bread and your face is the meat. You gotta protect the meat.


They say the pen is mightier than the sword.