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Jonathan picks up with a new client who is about to marry a Korean woman named Hee Cho.  He asked Jonathan to leave her a note.

Jonathan goes to his class and finds out Lewis one first place in the New Yorker writing a story about himself. Nina takes his mind off of it by having him spank her.

Jonathan gets the guys to go to a male bath house fo Ray’s birthday so that he could deliver a message to Hee Cho.  George and Ray passed the time by smoking a joint by the pool.

George admits that since he found out that he’s cancer free he’s wanted to really experience everything life has to offer. Hee Cho comes in and she’s really a he. The guys help her escape to meet up with her lover, but his father’s goons are still after her.

They run into a cemetery where they are able to smack the goons down with shovels.  Hee Cho is able to meet up with her love and escape. The guys go back to Georges’ to smoke some pot and drink whiskey for Ray’s birthday.

Bored to Death
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Bored to Death Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Oh my God. His story is about me.


Dermatologist: I've never used a PI before.
Jonathan: That's okay, most of my clients are virgins.