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George’s ex-wife’s husband, Richard, hired Jonathan to find out who his wife is cheating on with him.
Jonathan waits around in Richard’s closet to find George doing Richard’s wife.

The next day, Jonathan confronts George about his secret affair with his ex-wife. He tells him that he’s never gotten over her. It doesn’t seem to work out in George’s best interests because Richard comes and finds George in bed with his wife and Jonathan is of no help.

For whatever reason, Richard asks the guys to go get a drink.

Jonathan’s current girlfriend, Stella, asks him to have a three-some with him and another guy named Warren. The three-some is everything Jonathan thought it would be: awkward and uncomfortable.

Ray still wants to get back together with his ex. He doesn’t realize that she’s already sleeping with someone else.

Bored to Death
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Bored to Death Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

George is an idiot. But, his one decent trait is that he surrounded himself with decent people.


(to Jonathan) So how long have you been a private dick on the side?