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Leah calls Jonathan and asks if she can come over to talk to him.  Leah’s puppy was abducted.  Before he knows it Jonathan leans in to kiss Leah.

Meanwhile, Ray is somewhat enjoying his time with the elf girl.  He  decides to help Jonathan with finding Leah’s dog because he see’s it as a way to get back together with Leah.

They find little Ray and need to make the move.

George is getting his surgery the next day on his prostate.

Jonathan leaves Ray to be with George, while Ray sneaks in and steals all the dogs.

George gets carted into surgery and leaves Jonathan in the room alone. Jonathan gets bored and looks at the paperwork to realize that they got the wrong guy.

Jonathan rushes in and breaks into the hospital to stop of surgery. George realizes that it’s not worth suing the doctor and is happy to have a new lease on life.


Bored to Death
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Bored to Death Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Ray's elf girlfriend : You are the sexiest guy I ever met.
Ray: I know.

You are somebody you