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Ella receives flowers from Luke Healy. She seems ready to speak upon receiving them, but she also has a cold – and a vase full of alients (thanks Vulture!).

On the show on which Luke is appearing, one of the guys is going cray cray and stops mid sentence. You know something isn't right. While everyone else is talking on other camera feeds, his head explodes. Meanwhile, new looking alients (a red and silver variety) are crawling into Ella's ear.

Anthony, happy pants FBI agent and another fellow appear at Laurel's office. They're there to discuss Dr. Dodier's exploding head. They merely say the new case was "Red Wheatus' man," and she abruptly leaves, thinking it might have been Gareth. Last minute change, he's standing before her. He hasn't heard about the news yet.

Red is talking to someone on the phone, pauses to tell Gareth the dude had a stroke. Luke believes the same thing. Ella comes into the office where Luke is ready to give his Whip speach. Ella has strode in and starts spouting off about Republicans being terrorists. Luke takes offense to that language. She's got alieant brain!

Gustav the fellow who was supposed to be coming in to help find out all about his buddy whose head exploded in the MRI machine has apparently had an alieant transplant. He's Just Bob not and forgets why he's there to see Laurel. He says the government is just a little too big, and he wants to make it just a little smaller. OK? OK.

Elsewhere, Red is making Gareth his new Chief of Staff. He gets the call about Luke being challenged by Ella (again). He's tickled.

Scarlett has put a vase of alient cherry blossoms in the office for Luke. When Scarlett sees Laurel taking them to the trash, she says she's outnumbered.

Gustav is himself outside, and chats with Laurel. He wants Laurel to put her cell phone into a silver bag. She won't. He whispers that bugs are eating people's brains. When he won't speak further, she inserts her phone.

Gustav says what he saw on the video was a subspecies of the screwworm. It eats portions of people's brains, affecting their memory and ability to think. You can only get to them through their memory.

To try to prove his point, Gustav asks her to look at a couple of guys across the park. One guy just handed the other guy his candy bar, who took a bite out of it and handed it back. It looks like rehearsed activity to him. Something you'd find in a binder to make people look normal, not something that is actually normal.

Who not only wanted to look up the screwworm but also got totally skeeved out when Laurel did it for us?

Laurel's dad comes in to chastise her for hanging with Gareth. Laurel picks up the phone, calls Gareth and asks if she can take him out to celebrate. Only if she will go to a wake first. A wake. Great!

Alients people can read lips! At least Scarlett can. That's not good.

Laurel calls Stacy. When she turns down a martini and then brings up foreign child care (available to the age of 50), Laurel tries to get to her via personal memories the way Gustav said. It starts to work, and then Stacy's brains start pouring out.

Red talks to Gareth about the ducks in Washington being in a row. It's time for Gareth to start helping Red line the ducks the hell up.

When Laurel and Gareth play around (so they think) and kiss, it's one of the sweetest first kisses I've seen on TV in ages. Then Gareth wants Laurel to stay so it remains as just a joke. But it's not just a joke and they both know it.

Meanwhile, Gustav is taping plastic cups to his head listening to The Cars with ant traps around his apartment.

The news leaked about Ella's dog. She has something up her sleeve, though. Red's laughing, prompting Gareth to watch, as well. Luke's affair with Scarlett is on the air. It's the first time we see his pregnant wife. If he does this to the people he loves, how can he be trusted?

Gustav was successful. He runs out of his apartment, but didn't secure his cat. THAT BASTARD!

Luke is trying to explain his affair to Laurel. He wants her to understand what it's like to just be instead of trying to be moral.

Gustav realizes the screwworms are still in his apartment.

When Laurel is walking out of her meeting with the ladies, she sees two men sharing a candybar again. Uh oh. As she pauses, she's taken aside. Please come with us. My brother will be wondering where I am doesn't quite work on these fellas.

They're asking her about Gustav. Anthony is no longer the nice guy. Luke shows up. If they want to do this with someone who sits on their budget, great idea. Anthony tries to call Laurel in the car. She calls him a bastard. Then Luke says he's the one who called Luke.

Gustav is looking for the bugs. His cat is crying-ish. NOOOOO.

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BrainDead Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Scarlett: You're outnumbered.
Laurel: I am? By who?
Scarlett: By whom. By the people you're outnumbered by.

Good news! Ella is circling Luke for Whip. God. How the Democrats love a circular firing squad, huh?