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The song at the beginning was so cute! He got confused and watched another show. Gunsmoke.

Gareth almost tenders his resignation. He wonders if Red still trusts him, and Red assures him he does.

Gareth catches Red talking to his alient, laying eggs into a cherry tree flower and then putting it back into his ear. 

Since Red says it's time to release IT, Gareth just goes downstairs to SRB-54, where a Budget book that is bigger than any bible is being released.

Luke gathers his people. He separates them by teams as well as the budget book. Read every word and detail in the next 48 hours. That would be a perfect way to do it. Why not do it that way?

Gareth goes out to meet Laurel, and finally notices everyone staring at him. When she gets there, she asks about the budget. He thinks his thing is too weird to lead.

Hey! The crazy babysitter private eye is the guy who was asking Luke about the CIA.

Gareth has to take the information about the queen to all of Laurel's pals. You kill the queen, you kill the hive. They just need to kill one bug, not thousands.

Gareth cannot even understand the conversation he's having. Gustav starts talking about saving the human race, but Laurel doesn't think it's a good idea to get into right now. 

Poor Gareth finally realizes the world is insane.

He calls his mother. It's worrisome. Mom starts talking about one of his old girlfriends, Marianne. She's premed, wonders why they broke up. Dad's fixing a toaster. Aren't parents great?

Luke has to provide the CIA with a list of all the women he's had relations with. 

Gareth is laying in bed, unable to sleep at 2:30. He starts hearing something weird in the wall. Laurel calls. She comes over to help him sleep, to keep the bugs away.

The CIA guys are asking Laurel about bugs when Gustav walks in to talk about money brains they can use to draw the queen out of Red's head.

Laurel goes to see Red, who is listening to Melanesian choirs. He tries to bribe her with a $2 million fund he's willing to invest into a documentary about them. She doesn't bite.

Gareth thinks he's officially insane. He spent the last 24 hours Googling bugs and knows their breeding habits. The queen will come out again at about 11pm.

Red is talking on the phone, trying to keep his queen in his ear. The new intern threw out the cherry blossoms and that's not something that makes Red happy. Certainly not the queen.

He takes her out and lets her onto her cherry blossom stick and discovers Laurel is at his desk.

Gustav runs in, tackling Red. The queen is abuzz, fluttering about while Gustav blocks Red's ears. Rachelle and Laurel try to kill the queen. Laurel smashes it with a magazine, but Red scoops it up and back into his ear.

Luke is talking to the director's director, Bob Eisenstat. It's time for the CIA security briefing, which you have to expect isn't going to be full of good stuff.

The first thing Luke hears is that inside a meteor that crashed to earth were flesh eating bugs and blah blah. Everything Laurel has been trying to tell him for the last two months.

Eisenstat asks Luke and Laurel to stand down. Laurel was one of the first to discover the alients. She and her friends have restricted the CIA from moving forward. Just last night they were going to take Red Wheatus into custody, but her and her friends got in the way again.

Will Luke realize it's a ploy from the bad guys? He hasn't seemed all that clever up until now.

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BrainDead Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Laurel: You can't be telling me this, Luke. It's kind of the bear minimum.
Luke: Well, don't tell anyone else, OK? [laughs]

Luke: They want me to head up the C. I. A. !!
Laurel: Who does?
Luke: The government.