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"In the year 2016, there was a growing sense that people were losing their minds...and no one knew why...until now."

Using real footage of a meteor that crashed into Russia.

Becky? Work for Barbara Boxer? Senate? House? Nope. Documentary film maker. Oh. Bye!

Oh. Laurel HEALY. Of course! Laurel is the brother of Luke, an up and coming (powerful), democratic member of the senate. There is a big party. The meteor is in discussion right at that moment. Russia is about to bring the meteor up from under an icy lake.

Laurel's dad wants her to work for Luke. He needs the help. In return, he'll pay off her student loans. Better yet, she says, she needs $200k to finish her documentary. She'll do it for six months. Deal.

Laurel's job? Constituent casework. It's all about getting them to vote next election, so just...keep them happy.

She learns very fast the problems are mundane and almost impossible to solve. Luke walks in while she's dealing with Social Security problems and gives her permission to use his power.

Laurel's next constituent has a very interesting story. Her husband came into contact with something on a container while on a Naval ship. It was (unbeknownst to her) the meteor. Something happened to Randall.

Laurel wonders why she came to her. Because they ordered the crate. Meanwhile, Red Wheatus' senior legislator, Gareth Ritter, is there with a deal to earmark $48 million for autism causes in 90 minutes or else he'll stand with his Republican cohorts and the government will shut down.

When Laurel finds Luke with his secretary (?), she eventually slaps him (silly) and it's a great brother and sister scene.

Just as Doctor Dodier is noticing there is something odd, honeycombed in structure, under the crust of the meteor that just arrived, he and his team are ushered out, the crate is left open and that, as they say, is that.

The next day, Luke is telling his staff they're laid off during the shut down. All but his chief of staff and his constituent caseworker, which also happens to be his sister. Awkward. Laurel visits the cargo ship and it's the first time she hears The Cars, You Might Think. She thinks it's odd the way the crew stares at her, and even weirder the way guy in the video with the woman's husband doesn't remember the fellow in it with him.

Laurel visits Red Wheatus. He's drunk as hell, passed out on the couch. Gareth took the ship's manifest.

Laurel and Gareth talk about the manifest and why she should convince Luke to take the deal.

Laurel checks in with Ms. Burke. She can't talk. She seems frightened of her husband. He comes down the stairs, saying the Republicans are insane. They need to do something.

Upstairs, he holds her tight and in come the ants. They're crawling right into her earballs!!!

Gareth tells Laurel people are going hungry over this government shut down, and all she has to do is convince her brother to meet. When Luke won't play, Laurel calls in the big gun – daddy dearest.

Randall and Brianna come in to thank Laurel for being so great. They're making a $2600 donation to Luke's campaign. Anything to keep those Republicans from ruining the country.

While Luke and Red meet over drinks (It's four O'clock somewhere!), Laurel and Gareth get to know each other. Then the song plays again, and she notes something weird really is happening.

The talk went well. Red realizes he never talks to Democrats anymore because of the stupid ethics rules. It's kind of nice.

At home, he opens his window, falls back on the bed and in come the ants. They crawl right into his ear. This is where we see what happens. They appear to give him some sort of a lobotomy. It's so gross!! Whether they feed on it or what, a part of his brain falls out and he's a different person.

Laurel goes to see Dr. Dodier. She finds him inside the (closed) Smithsonian on the ground. In the ambulance, he's screaming about something inside his head. He's not kidding. It explodes...all over Laurel.

Red offers to Senator Spitz to become a Republican so they can become the Senate Majority. They get the big offices. Things change.

Luke is kind of excited, eating his chocolate dog, planning on kicking their Republican asses, starting today. Except Scarlett is a changed woman.

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BrainDead Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Laurel: It says here you have Social Security problems, Claire?
Claire: I don't have Social Security problems, YOU have Social Security problems.
Laurel: Well, how can I help you with MY Social Security problems?

No running in the Capitol, mam. No fast walking, either.