A Threatening War - BrainDead
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Can Dean Healy turn off the bugs? Can everyone turn off the bugs? Gustav's thingy stopped working just as he got close.

Red is looking for information on two black people who were near the intelligence meeting. Gustav and Rochelle. Gareth goes to see Laurel. Her friends are in trouble.

She goes to see them and they tell her about her dad.

Suddenly, the crackpots in the senate are calling for war.

Laurel is testing her dad's hearing. It's not gong well. 

Rochelle has a sleeper agent in her house who she catches with an unwrapped, frozen turkey leg.

Laurel finds out her dad has Parkinsons. He wanted her to come home so he could spend time with her. She's a bit shocked.

Laurel rushes off to find her father's paramour. 

Laurel knows her father isn't sick but infected. She calls him on it. He says they should talk.

He tries to break it down for her. There are good parasites and there are bad parasites. 

Laurel asks if they're from space. He admits it. And that it's inevitable everyone will be taken over.

He likes it. He's happy to have been cured. He's also nasty.

He tries to hug her. She's disgusted.

Gareth is trying to find out about exploding panda heads in Syria. I'm a little lost. But Red wants to make sure he's ready to go to war. That's what he needs to in a chief of staff.

Gareth then passes more news onto Laurel about the next witness in the hearings. He's lying. Oh, hey, this is the part when you get ketchup on your lip so I can wipe it off.

Now they're in bed. Then she remembers her mother. She needs to get her before Dean infects her.

What, will she say her dad has parasites in his brain? Even better. She says he's still seeing the tour guide.

In session the next day, Luke wonders why Dr. Samir is wearing a fake labcoat Red gave him. Ella, meanwhile, is drawing dogs with big eyes.

Red's real life wife is on the panel. The four of them are briefed. No war in Syria.

Laurel, Gustav and Rochelle discover the people are generally gone. All bug.

Meanwhile, Ella and Red are having sex. Well, their bugs are. In front of a mirror while Ella and Red watch. What a terrible waste.


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BrainDead Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Laurel: Dad, you couldn't hear me, could you?
Dean: I could hear you dear, a father can always hear his daughter.

Red: Those two black people. Who are they? And I'm not being racist. I'm being descriptive. If they were dwarves, I'd say dwarves.
Gareth: I don't think you can say dwarves, either.
Red: Good thing they're not dwarves. Who are they?