An Awkward Situation - BrainDead
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Red and Ella are speaking with Jules and Noah about their similarities. They're both angry. They both want to burn down the government. It's rigged. 

They're holding up a Vote for the War sign in the next congressional hearing.

Laurel has to give notes to a guy who is doing a film for Luke. It's someone Laurel knows who is more successful than she is. She's uncomfortable. 

Senator Diane Vaynerchuk is getting sold by Jules to switch sides and go conservative.

Luke's wife, Germaine, comes to the office. Her baby kicks really hard any time she hears Trump on TV. She really must not like Trump.

Laurel wants to get Germaine and the kid into the hospital. She specifically wants to get the baby's head checked out. it empty?

Luke is still cheating on Germaine.

Gareth is trying to accommodate those across the aisle, but Ben the movie maker tries to sandbag Gareth. Laurel doesn't like it. She wants the questions about the one wayers and 1% group to stop. Ben says Gareth is the enemy, but now that Laurel sees how others handle things like that, she doesn't like it.

They talk later. Gareth says he can't keep throwing things away for their friendship because it's hurting his job. He needs to concentrate on his job. He seems incredibly unhappy and resigned while saying it.

The doctor asks Laurel to stop making Germaine worry. Laurel goes to see Rochelle, and she admits to humming You Might Think, so doesn't think the doc having it as his ringtone signifies he's infected. The filming seems to indicate Rochelle is infected.

Ben wants to film Noah. 

Luke screws everybody. 

Dean wants Luke to vote with his head and not with his heart. Or the opposite. Whatever it is that means he'll vote for war.

Germaine's water broke while she was being looked over by Rochelle. Germaine screams GET THIS THING OUT OF ME!!

Whoops. That's not good.

Ben leaves thinking he has a great film. Luke wants a different film than Ben delivered. Laurel goes to work on Ben's film, doing voice overs and cutting Gareth's clip.

Luke cuts free his infected honey from the office. She intends to pay Germaine a visit to give her regards.

Laurel has a really great anti-war video that goes viral, angering Red. He smashes a plant into his TV while watching, causing Gareth to snicker.

Ben is, of course, taking the credit for the video and sitting on talk shows. Gareth calls Laurel to congratulate her on a great video and commiserate about the jerk on TV. Their talk is very sweet.

Germaine doesn't like to have sex with Luke, and it's impossible to blame her. But she's a terrible mother. An infected mother. The baby is so damn cute, and it's only got half a brain.


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BrainDead Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Red: Ella and I agree on almost nothing, isn't that right?
Ella: It is. You are the devil.
Red: And she's a bitch.

Not everything is about Wall Street, Ben.