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Skyler is on to how dangerous of a man Walt has become. After realizing that his business likely led to Gale's death, she confronted her husband and talking about turning themselves in to the police. But Heisenberg came flying out, going off about how he's the one who makes others cower and stating how vital he is to the company.

Skyler responded by taking Holly to the spot where four states converge and, seemingly, flipping a coin to see where she'd run off to. It landed on Colorado twice, but she shoved it to New Mexico. Back home, she ordered Walt to return the expensive car he bought for Walt Jr. because, as she put it so well, "someone has to protect this family from the man who protects this family."


- Jesse proved his mettle again by helping Mike break into the house of local sellers who were given their meth product by, we assume, the Mexican cartel. We saw them rob a chicken truck earlier. They included a message with the meth Mike and Jessa found: "Ready to talk?" Gus later said to set up a meeting.

- Walt tried to get under Gus' skin by hiring cleaners to help with the mess in the lab. Tyrus responded by putting them on a bus back to Honduras. They can now go on the list of all Walt has hurt during his reign.

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