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On Breaking Bad this week, Walt hits total rock bottom. He learns that Jesse is home and goes to visit him, but gets pushed away by his former mentor.

He then gets taken out to the dessert by Gus - who used a personal doctor in Mexico to flush out the poison; the same physician who is trying to save Mike's life in that country as this episode proceeds - who makes it clear: Walt is fired. He's to stay away from Jesse or Gus will kill Walt's family. The only reason he isn't killing Walt now is because Jesse says he won't cook if Gus does so.

But Gus also tells Walt he is going to kill Hank because he's too close to finding the lab. Again, if Walt interferes, Gus will kill his family.

Walt rushes to Saul's after this meeting to get the name of the guy who can give his family a new identity. Saul hands him the card and says it will cost $500,000. But when Walt gets home, he can't find the money and Skyler tells him why: she gave it to Ted. (Earlier in the episode, Skyler had Saul use two cohorts to force Ted into cutting a check to the IRS. But when he tried to escape, he slipped and fell and looks to be dead).

The episode ends with Marie calling, saying the DEA is sending agents to their house because an anonymous caller (Saul) warned them that Hank's life was in danger, while Walt cries and laughs in his crawl space, finally aware of all he had done and all that might happen.

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