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Walt learned of Hank's suspicions this week, as the latter used his brother-in-law to plant a GPS device on Gus' car. Hank is on his own, though, as Gus met with other official and has an alibi for Gale's murder, along with a story about sponsoring a scholarship Gale won.

Mike conducted research, though, and passed along to Gus that Hank was working on his own and had no real evidence.

Elsewhere, we got major background into Gus. We flashed back to a meeting he had with the head of the Mexican cartel, in which he and his chef pal proposed their meth operation. In response, one of the cartel's men killed Gus' friend and they told him to "stick to chicken." The man who pulled the trigger? Hector.

Flash forward to the present and Gus is visiting Hector at a nursing home and asking for a response to an unknown question. Hmmm...

We also learned that Jesse is using some money to get Andrea and Brock an apartment, while Walt learned Jesse is lying about meeting with Gus because he saw a text on Jesse's phone.

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