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Marie returned to her old ways this week, lying at open houses and stealing trinkets until she was apprehended. But a friend of Hank's bailed her out and maybe the incident even made Hank see the affect he's having on his wife.

It also led to the police friend bringing over a case for Hank to assist with: the murder of Gale and the lab notes left behind.


- Skylar used an underhanded way to force the car wash dealer to sell. She hired a fake water inspector to say he had contaminated his filter system and had to replace it. She then hardballed the owner with a lower offer, but he was forced to accept. She and Walk toasted with expensive champagne, which earned him a talking-to from his all-business wife. They need to be careful with their money.

- Gus installed a camera in the lab.

- Jesse just continued to party, even resorting to tossing money at his drugged-out guests to watch them fight over it.

Breaking Bad
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