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Todd recounts his train heist tale to his Aryan brothers after calling Walter to let him know that the business is under new management.

Hank tries to get Jesse to team up and bring Walter down, but Jesse refuses to talk.

Walter tells Walter Jr. that his cancer has returned, using Walter Jr.'s emotions to keep him from going to see Hank and Marie.

Walter gives Hank and Marie a DVD blackmail confessional that reveals Hank is the meth empire king and Walter was forced into working for him. Among admitting Gus Fring's death and holding his kids hostage, Walter also says that Hank used drug money to pay his expensive medical bills.

Walter meets with Jesse to learn what he told Hank. Like a father, he tells Jesse to leave town and start a new life. Jesse gets angry at Walter for working him and calls him out on killing Mike.

Saul prepares for Jesse to leave and go to Alaska.

While waiting for the ride, he realizes his drugs are gone and upon grabbing cigarettes realizes that it was Walter (with help from Saul) who poisoned Brock.

He beats up Saul. Saul calls Walter to tell him Jesse knows and is coming for him.

Jesse goes to Walter's house and starts pouring gasoline throughout the house.

Breaking Bad
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