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-Andre Brennan, part of the Bad Elvis jewel thieves breaks out of prison to make one last score. He kills one of his crew who doubts him.

-Quite the ladies man, Andre had several girlfriends but Lloyd figures out that his true love is Heather, the only one that never stood for a conjugal visit.

-The team find the Bad Elvis' secret communications in false bottoms of cigar boxes which leads them to a suspected museum heist. Unfortunately the museum is just a ruse. Andre's team robs a diamond exchange instead.

-Ray plants a tracking device in Heather's purse which leads them to Andre before they can make their escape.

-Shea sneaks a conjugal visit with his girlfriend in an elevator. Julianne realizes what happened and doesn't turn him in but tells him to never put her in that position again. She spent three years not leaving her mother's home after she washed out of the academy. This is her chance at a new life too and she won't risk it for Shea.

Breakout Kings
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Breakout Kings Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Some girls might find that act charming, I want to knock this guys teeth out.


She's mungry. Man hungry.