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-Lila Tompkins, a convicted murderer, cons a guard into helping her escape.

-Lila has several gullible male pen pals that she calls upon to help her. Most have convinced themselves that she stabbed her husband 48 times in self defense. 

-Lila drains one man's bank account and murders two more when they refuse to help her.

-Lila takes Taylor, her 14 year old son on the run with her. When her plans fail, she decides the only way they can stay together is if they are both dead.

-The team find Lila and Taylor and manage to prevent her from killing Taylor or herself.

-Lloyd owes an $800 poker debt to another inmate and he can't pay. He's desperate. When he finally takes responsibility for his gambling, Erica steals a watch for him to pay off the debt and Shea protects him in prison.

-Ray's teenage daughter encourages him to keep the faith that he will again be a U. S. Marshall.

Breakout Kings
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Breakout Kings Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

You're having a lot of fun knowing he can't hit you, but I can.


The pink undies peaking out of his pants was a good start.