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-Five convicts escape by having a tractor-trailer plow through the prison wall. They kidnap and kill a prison guard. Ronald Barnes, in prison for securities fraud and insider trading, is the ring leader.

-When the team finds a barn where the cons changed clothes they realize their was suppose to be a sixth man. Shea goes undercover in Attica to find out who that was.

-The team tracks and captures the cons one by one as the trail leads them further south.  Barnes and Chester Rhodes are the only two left.

-Barnes and Rhodes commit a home invasion where they kill one of the residents before tearing open the floor to find Barnes' stash. Barnes then kills Chester.

-Shea learns that Barnes was planning to flee by boat, not by plane as suspected.

-Lloyd realizes that Barnes is sending them on a wild goose chase. He intended the others to get caught to throw the Marshals off his trail.

-Barnes takes Lloyd hostage and tries to buy off Ray and Charlie in order to make his escape. When Barnes lowers his gun Ray shoots him with a flare gun from the boat.

-The new Director threatens to cut one of the team members, specifically Ray and put Charlie back on a desk if he doesn't comply. Charlie tells him to get his desk ready because he won't turn his back on one of his team.

-The Director backs down but tells Charlie if anything goes wrong, it's on him.  The entire team eaves drops on their conversation.

Breakout Kings
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Breakout Kings Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Mechanic: Hey man, I'm just a mechanic.
Charlie: Yeah and I just have a tan.

The deal was minimum security. Now you want to throw me in Attica? Kiss my black ass.