Briarpatch Season 1

Allegra Has a Meeting - Briarpatch
"Snap, Crackle, Pop"

On Briarpatch Season 1 Episode 2, as a new suspect emerges, Allegra meets with Chief of Police Eve Raytek and Jake decides to bring snowcones.

Back in Town - Briarpatch
"First Time in Saint Disgrace"

On Briarpatch Season 1 Episode 1, things took a turn when Allegra Hill learned that her sister was murdered in her hometown. Who was the killer?

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Briarpatch Season 1 Quotes

Allegra: What's this?
Driver: There was a breakout at the zoo. They've been making a mess of things ever since.

Driver: First time in Saint Disgrace?
Allegra: I grew up here.
Driver: Really? Well, you sure ain't got the look.