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Sgt. Jeffords , Capt. Holt and Det. Diaz try and figure out why Amy is late. They discover it was because she had a problem at the bank.

Boyle and Gina return each other's belongings, now that their arrangement has ended. Boyle tells Gina that he will be staying in the prepaid hotel room that they were both initially supposed to share. They argue over the hotel room for the entire episode.

At a local bar, Terry encourages Jake to put himself out there. Jake did go on a date with Rosa's friend but it did not exactly go well. Terry tells Jake that he should bond with a woman over shared mutual interests. Terry and his wife bonded over their shared love of Meatloaf (the singer, not the food).

Jake approaches a woman named Sophia (guest star Eva Longoria). Jake and Sophia bond over hot wings. Sophia invites Jake over to her place where they have sex and watch Die Hard movies. The next day, while in court, Jake realizes that Sophia is new defense attorney on his diamond heist case. The previous attorney is out with a broken leg.

Meanwhile, back at the precinct, Rosa tries to convince Amy to run against Scully for Union Rep. The two female detectives try to get Capt. Holt's input but he tells them that he is not allowed to intervene. Rosa posts campaign posters all over the station without Amy's permission. Amy however plan to tank the debate by giving an insulting speech.

After a pep talk from Capt. Holt, Amy decides to take the election seriously. Jake tries to rescue his diamond heist case after Sophia destroys the credibility of his star witness. Despite discovering incriminating tools in a dumb waiter, the defendant is pronounced "not guilty".

Jake is initially angry but Terry reminds him that it's obvious the reason he is so upset is because he has feelings for Sophia. Jakes ends up asking Sophia out on a date, which she happily accepts.

Boyle and Gina try to cleverly find ways to get the other out of the hotel room. This backfires when Capt. Holt makes them both work overnight. However, great minds think alike because both Boyle sends his father while Gina sends her mother in their place. The two appear to be getting cozy as the episode ends. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Terry: You slept with a defense attorney! You literally had sex with the enemy!
Jake: I know! It's like if John McClane had sex with Hans Gruber or WORSE Jeremy Irons from the third one!

Sophia: I can't believe I had sex with a cop. It's like I had sex with Hans Gruber.
Jake: You're the Gruber!
(courtroom stares)
Jake: Die Hard