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Teams are needed for an eight day stakeout mission. Jake and Charles volunteer for the entire time even though they receive warnings that they will get sick of each other. They dismiss the warnings and insist they can handle it. 

After a couple of days, little annoyances are already starting to get to them. Jake suggests creating a "no-no" list and agreeing not to do anything they put on each other's list. By day four, they're adding more and more to the list until it takes over the entire white board. 

Jake and Charles get into a fight and end their friendship while also blowing their mission. When they get back to the precinct, Captain Holt orders them to get back out there and knock on doors. They manage to find and arrest the perp and restore their friendship.

Captain Holt's nephew Marcus visits the precinct and Rosa becomes interested in him. She is later caught coming down the stairs at his house early in the morning. They meet in his office and agree not to talk about it again.

Terry is making a picture book for his twins' birthday with drawings that resemble the squad. Gina and Amy read the book behind his back and take offense to the way they are portrayed. Terry confronts them in the elevator and tells them his stories are nonsense and that he loves them.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Trust me, turn the other cheek, which I recently learned is about faces, and not butts, but works either way.


Captain, you're smiling, it's very weird, like seeing a turtle out of its shell.