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In Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 3, the detectives at the 99th precinct are on call, having been assigned to motorcade duty for the Serbian president.  However, Captain Holt and Terry have to go to Deputy Chief Madeline Wuntch (guest star Kyra Sedgwick) with a request for funding. So, with the precinct unsupervised, the precinct engages in the Jimmy Jab Games.

The Jimmy-Jab games are an elimination tournament, with the loser of each round being eliminated and the winner getting bonus points towards the finals.  The winner of the games gets the cleanest and most comfortable chair in the precinct. Jake, attempting to prove to himself that he's over Amy, makes one of the stakes the phone number of Rosa's friend. Rosa, however, sees through Jake, and challenges him to win the game without flirting or joking with Amy.  Jake realizes he's not over Amy when he allows her to win the game.

Meanwhile, Charles and Gina realize they have a problem when a video of Charles working out at home (with Gina in the background) is accidentally left in a recorder now in Hitchcock's possession. Hitchcock, realizing that Charles needs something from him, decides to blackmail Charles into doing increasingly ridiculous things to make him look good.

Captain Holt and Terry go to Deputy Chief Wuntch to ask for funding for dealing with a new street drug, but she quickly denies their request. They then go over her head to the Chief, who not only awards them the funding, but gives them permission to have a task force to deal with the threat.  Wuntch reveals this was her plan, to have Holt fail with a task force and thus look bad. Terry believes they will succeed, and convinces Holt to let Rosa head up the task force. 

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