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Dressed like Santa, Jake finally arrests The Pontiac Bandit, also known as Doug Judy who escaped last season. However, Holt offers him a deal in exchange for information leading to the arrest of Tito Ruiz, the boss behind the entire gigglepig operation. 

While making a scrapbook for the Capt., Amy stumbles upon evidence leading her to believe that the Capt. made a mistake with the Brooklyn Broiler case. She comes clean and the two decide to work together to find the arsonist responsible for two fires not committed by the Brooklyn Broiler.

Boyle and Gina try to work together to break up their parents after Boyle discovers a Christmas gift from his father meant for Gina's mother. Their scheme fails and their parents decide to move in together. 

Jake catches Tito Ruiz, making a crucial arrest but loses Doug Judy in the process. He sends Jake a video from an island detailing how he was able to escape on the back of a garbage truck. Rosa tells Jake that they will arrest Doug Judy in the near future.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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