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Amy is tired because she was up all night due to Jake's lumpy, uncomfortable mattress. 

Jake and Amy work their first case as a couple involving a new drug called "taxi." Hoyt tells them not to let any personal issues get in the way of their work. 

Rosa's little brother, Sam, from Brooklyn's Big Brothers is selling candy at the precinct to raise money for basketball uniforms. 

Boyle is angry when Holt parks partially in his spot. 

Jake and Amy chase the drug dealer into a building. Jake tackles him onto an old mattress which makes him agree to getting a new one. 

Sam is brought in for shop lifting a phone which makes Rosa very angry. 

Boyle accidentally scratches Holt's car backing out of his space. 

Jake doesn't want to spend the money on a new mattress, which upsets Amy. 

The dealer had two matchbooks from a hotel on him. Holt sends Jake and Amy undercover to stake it out. 

Gina puts a cupcake in Holt's chair to make him realize he was the one in the wrong about the car. 

Jake and Amy argue about their relationship in the hotel room and let their suspect get away. 

Rosa lets Sam off with a warning. 

Holt admits to Boyle that the scratch was his fault. 

Jake agrees to get a new mattress for Amy. 


Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Jake: Ames you're two minutes late, I called all the emergency rooms.
Amy: I know, I went home from your place to shower and I was so tired that I fell asleep while shaving my legs.

Terry: Don't let Rosa fool you, she's not that scary. She used to do ballet.
Sam: No way.
Rosa: Which gave me the physical skills I need to strangle you with my feet.