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On Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 Episode 4, The Vulture has taken all felony cases from the detectives and given them to Major Crimes, forcing the squad to do only paperwork. However, Jake finds a case of a possibly resurfacing serial killer, the Oolong Slayer.

At One Police Plaza, Holt is berated by Wuntch about the failure of the subway poster campaign, and is assigned supervision by one of his subordinates. Frustrated, he agrees to work the serial killer case with Peralta in secret.

During their investigations they come up with a suspect, but when they attempt to arrest him they find that he is deceased. Their error causes them both to be suspended.

The Vulture asks Rosa and Amy to plan him a birthday party. In Amy's quest to do the best job she can, she befriends The Vulture on Facebook, and finds out that he has a band. Amy hires the band to play at The Vulture's own party.

Charles introduces Terry to a new snack. However, Terry takes the snacking too far and puts on considerable weight, stress eating because of his child on the way and his wife on bed-rest. Charles, concerned for Terry, gets the whole squad to volunteer some time to help Terry at home with his family.

After Holt and Jake's suspension, Jake figures out a clue that leads them to break the case.  Holt assists with the collar but refuses to take credit for the case, resigning himself to the drudgery of PR while allowing Jake to take all the credit.

Jake takes the case to the Chief of Detectives, and offers him the credit for the solve in exchange for reinstating Captain Holt as the captain of the 99th precinct.


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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

We only solve misdemeanors, weiners.

The Vulture

Why don't we make like Boyle's mom and debrief me.

The Vulture