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Terry is nervous about his lieutenant's exam, so the squad decides to do a heist. 

They chose Scully's bracelet as the item.

Jake teams up with Terry, and Holt teams up with Amy. Rosa and Boyle elect not to participate. 

The squad locks Scully and Hitchcock in the supply closet.

Jake reveals that he convinced Scully's twin brother to play along, and he uses it to steal the bracelet. He locks Terry and Scully in the interrogation room to take the victory for himself.

Scully finds out that his twin brother is at the precinct and gets so angry that he breaks through the glass. 

Earl and Scully fight because Earl slept with his wife. 

Boyle steals the bracelet from Jake and Rosa knocks Boyle out to take it for herself. 

Amy leaves Holt's office and Rosa pops out of the seat cushion, revealing that she and Holt have been working together. 

Jake overhears them put the bracelet in Chedder's chew toy and he and Terry make a plan to get it.

Once they have the toy, Jake betrays Terry again and handcuffs him. 

Kevin admits to having the real bracelet, and tells everyone that he gave it to Amy.

Terry gets angry over everyone fighting and accidentally activates Jake's victory sign voice command. The ceiling panel opens and hits him in the giving him a concussion. 

The squad rolls him to the exam in a shopping cart, but when they get there the room is empty. Terry gets up and reveals that he has the bracelet. 

Terry admits that he faked the gas explosion on Halloween, which caused them all to postpone the heist. He tells the squad how he was able to pull everything off and that he already passed the lieutenant's exam. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Terry: Maybe I'll win this year!
Holt: Aw, the heist is already working. Sergeant Jeffords has recovered his sense of humor.

Amy: I would love to defend my crown after I destroyed you all last year.
Jake: Well, I mean, the proposal was all part of my plan.
Amy: All I remember is you bowing to me on your knees.
Jake: Yeah, I was asking you to marry me.
Amy: Well, you looked like a fool.