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Nikolaj's birth father, Gintars, tracks down Boyle.

He tells Boyle he wants to meet his son and refuses to leave America until he does. 

Rosa wants to ask the FBI to bring in a team of lab techs for a case, but Amy and Holt insist that they should call Dr. Yee. 

At Jake's suggestion, Boyle agrees Gintars can meet Nikolaj as long as he doesn't tell him that he's his birth father. Gintars tells Nikolaj who he really is as soon as he meets him. 

Holt and Amy get overexcited to see Dr. Yee and kick Terry out of the room to hide the fact that he shaved his eyebrows. 

Rosa isn't certain that Dr. Yee's bugs will be effective. 

Boyle is worried that he'll lose his sone to Gintars. 

Dr. Yee's bugs can't find any traces of blood and Rosa doesn't believe his method works, despite Amy and Holt's protests. 

Nikolaj and Gintars play basketball and Nikolaj calls him Daddy Gintars in front of Boyle.

Jake plans to get Gintars on tape admitting that his business The Gape is stolen from The Gap in order to get him away from Nikolaj. 

Rosa figures out that Yee's bugs don't work and tell Holt and Amy. 

Jake gets a recording of Gintars admitting that his company was stolen from The Gap. He gets him arrested for selling counterfeit goods unknowing that Charles had come around to Nikolaj having a relationship with his birth father. 

Rosa uses Yee's bugs to crack the case and trick the suspect.

Boyle tells Jake that the police wouldn't allow Gintars to stay in the country. Jake apologizes and Charles forgives him. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Hi Jake! I love you!


Amy: No one pushed Boyle down the stairs.
Holt: Right. We may have plastered his eyes shut and forced him to roam around blindly but he fell down on his own.