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Jake pulls a prank on Holt by moving his podium half an inch. 

There's not enough money in the budget for Terry's raise, so he is going to be transferred to Staten Island. 

Charles and Jake get assigned to a case together to find someone who's been murdering people and cutting out their hearts.

Holt wants to make sure they solve it so they can prove a point to Commissioner Kelly. They go to visit Caleb to get into the mind of a sicko who helps them with a lead. 

Terry tries to find room in the budget for his raise so he doesn't have to leave the Nine-Nine. Amy and Rosa tell him to convince someone to quit. 

John Kelly sends Jake and Charles a tip about the case, despite Holt's wishes. 

Terry attempts to convince his co-worker Brian to quit and pursue his dreams. 

Captain Holt follows Jake and Charles and finds out about the tip. They end up finding the criminal's kill room and try to track him down. 

Jake discovers the criminal isn't a cannibal and he stole the hearts for a transplant. They find the culprit before the surgery starts. 

Brian announces that he's quitting and trying out for Broadway, but as it turns out, he's not very talented. 

Jake realizes that the Commissioner's assistant is the anonymous person who provided the tip. 

The Commissioner has been using illegal methods to boost his app, but he blackmails Jake, Charles, and Holt into keeping his secret. 

Terry tells Brian that he shouldn't be a singer, and accepts that it's his last week at the Nine-Nine. 

Jake assembles a "suicide squad" to help bring down John Kelly. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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