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Jake convinces Wuntch, the Vulture, and C.J. to help them bring down John Kelly. Holt and Jake get the entire squad to help as well. 

They make a plan and pretend to kidnap C.J to get Kelly to use the Stingray. 

C.J. punches Jake in the face because he thinks they're real kidnappers before they get him in the van. 

The Vulture isn't able to get rid of the evidence, and the cops have a strand of Jake's hair as well as a sketch of him. 

Terry is in denial about leaving the Nine-Nine.

Wuntch finds out that Holt sent Rosa and Terry to follow her and doesn't plant the bug on Kelly. Jake manages to get her back on their side. 

Wuntch and Holt go undercover as lovers to plant the bug. The rest of the squad decide to make a fake video threatening C.J.'s life. 

Holt finds out that Wuntch betrayed them and was working with Kelly all along. The Vulture breaks in with a police squad and arrests the squad for kidnapping. 

Unknown to Holt, Jake and Wuntch had a plan and are able to catch John Kelly red-handed.

Terry is depressed about leaving the Nine-Nine, but extra room is found in the budget as Wuntch has demoted Captain Holt to a traffic officer. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

I'm sorry Madeline for everything. Especially for pushing you into Michelle Obama from behind and then running away.


Now I know why you refer to this as a suicide squad Peralta. Because I already want to kill myself.