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Jake applies to be on Holt's new police task force. Holt's window shatters when Jake is doing his sales pitch.

Scully opened a box on Jake's desk that exploded into glitter. It was a prank gone wrong that caused property damage and compromised evidence. 

Holt won't let anyone leave until they find the culprit. 

Jake turns the situation into a "whodunit" game when no one will confess. 

Holt calls a detective named Dillman to investigate. Dillman was fired from the NYPD for investigating dirty cops. He is an expert at figuring people out. 

Jake tries to impress Holt by solving the case before Dillman so he can get on the task force.

Jake accuses Terry, but Dillman disproves his theory.

Dillman questions Rosa and declares her innocent.

Jake turns his investigation to Holt. He founds out that Holt had offered the task force position to Boyle. Boyle wants to turn it down to spend more time with Nikolaj.

Dillman accuses Jake of setting up the prank so he could solve the mystery and impress Holt enough to get on the task force.

Holt suspends Jake until further notice. 

Jake then realizes Dillman's been lying about being a police officer in San Francisco and accuses him of setting up the prank to impress Holt to get on the task force.

Charles then reveals all along it was Office Howard Booth who we briefly met in the beginning of the episode. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

The phrase "whodunit" is a grammatical abomination. So, please use the proper term "a who has done this."


Jake Peralta is age thirty-nine but professionally he's still in his prime.