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Terry informs the group that there was an assassination attempt on a councilman. He's stable but the shooter is still at large. 

Terry assigns the group roles and leaves Jake in charge of the manhunt for the suspect. 

Upon arriving at the scene, Jake complains that the peremiter has not been secured and asks who's responsible for this.

Holt, no longer the squad's captain after last season's finale, ends up being the one at fault. 

Jake and Holt struggle to adjust to the shift in their power dynamic. Holt continues to act like he's a captain and Jake is unsure how to deal with it.

Amy's worried she's pregnant and panics because her and Jake had planned to wait a year before trying.

Holt and his new partner, Officer Fogel, don't get along. She's embarassed of him for abandoning his post and not following orders.

Jake gives Holt a fake lead to follow to get rid of him.

When Rosa's comforting Amy about her possible pregnancy, Terry interjects because he believes that Rosa and Amy are gossiping about him just like his daughters do.

Charles and Jake think they successfully captured the suspect. Holt informs them they have the wrong guy.

Jake kicks Holt off the case when Holt insists Jake made a mistake and that the real shooter was the hot dog stand worker.

Jake doubts himself and calls Hitchcock and Scully to help him find the "hot dog guy" since they know everything about food in the city. They inform him that there's typically never a hot dog stand there, so he was definitely a fraud. 

Holt ignores orders and goes to confront his new suspect. Officer Fogel tags along reluctantly. 

Holt was right and the hot dog guy holds him and Fogel at gunpoint, where she reveals she joined the force to find her twin sister's killer.

Amy has been trying all day to pee to find out if she's pregnant. She finally gets the feeling but Jake interrupts her saying Holt is in danger.

Jake tracks Holt's location through Fogel's pedometer app and finds them just in time.

Amy, desperate to take her pregnancy test, wastes no time and takes down the suspect immediately.

Holt, thankful for being saved, decides to respect Jake's authority from now on, even if it's weird.

Amy tells Jake she's not pregnant and was bummed when she found out. They agree to start trying for a kid now.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

Jake: It's a manhunt. And I'm the man-hunter.
Charles: And I'm your sidekick, the boy-hunter.

Holt: I've been stripped of my accomplishments and lost the respect of everyone in my life, including my dog.
Jake: Cheddar? No.
Holt: Yes. Now, he only poops for Kevin.