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Terry holds the daily briefing in the break room. He presents a new murder case, and Jake believes the culprit is Johnny Franzia, his white whale.

Holt calls Jake and Amy to his office. He tells Jake he is off the murder case because both Jake and Amy requested reduced hours, and Amy already has a presentation on NYPD reform. Amy and Jake insist they're fine, and Amy goes off on a tangent about Mac's development progress.

Holt arrives at Rosa's apartment, and he thanks for letting him stay there for a while since he and Kevin are still not back together. Holt obsesses over his relationship with Kevin.

Jake and Charles assess the crime scene. Jake discovers a blacklight, leading to a secret message from Franzia.

Terry tells Amy she is not the only person presenting police reform strategies, and only one proposal will get funding. Terry hands Amy a list of the presenters, and she freaks out over one of them. Jake arrives to present the newly found evidence to Terry, but Amy and Jake freak out when they notice each other since they believed the other was supposed to pick up Mac from daycare.

Later that evening, Amy and Jake discuss the Franzia case. Amy and Jake realize they have many responsibilities that week, but they plan to work together to parent Mac while not scaling back their careers. Then, Amy gets an email from the daycare, announcing they will be closed for the next two days because of a lice outbreak.

The next morning, Amy and Jake discuss what to do with Mac since his usual babysitters are unavailable. They both realize they contracted lice. Amy calls a specialized center to book a lice removal appointment, but they are booked for six hours. They go with Jake's original plan — douse their heads with maple syrup.

Jake and Amy arrive at the precinct with Mac wearing shower caps. Scully thinks Amy is wearing a new perfume, so he flirts with her.

Back at Rosa's apartment, Holt is still obsessing over his relationship with Kevin while Rosa is trying to read. She puts on headphones. A little while later, Holt is still talking about Kevin while Rosa angrily chops vegetables. Rosa goes to the bathroom to get away from Holt, but he just stands outside and talks about Kevin. Rosa opens the bathroom door and tells Holt to shut up. Then, she suggests they get drunk so that Holt can forget about Kevin for a while.

At the precinct, Charles arrives with an update on the Franzia case. Then, Jake and Amy interview babysitter applicants, but they are all terrible options. They decide to ask Scully to watch Mac, and Scully agrees.

Jake finally gets back to Charles, who has made more progress on the Franzia case without him. They dial a phone number, and the person ends up being Franzia. However, they are interrupted by Scully screaming. Jake and Amy go to see what's wrong, and they find Scully's foot gushing blood from a toe stub. Scully goes to the hospital. As a last resort, Amy gives Mac her phone so that he remains occupied, but he just chucks it across the room, causing the screen to crack.

The next morning, Rosa and Holt are both hungover. Holt realizes he drunk texted Kevin nude photos of himself.

Amy and Jake are exhausted from a restless night. Amy's presentation is today, and she cannot wear a shower cap, so Jake suggests they blow-dry their hair. However, blow drying Amy's hair made it super thick and frizzy. She also resorts to wearing glasses because Mac knocked her contacts into the toilet. Jake and Amy decide to just take Mac with them to work again. They almost leave their apartment building before realizing they forgot Mac.

Charles greets Jake at the precinct. He has made significant progress on the Franzia case, so he updates Jake. They have a suspect in custody. Jake gives Charles an earpiece and plans to interrogate the suspect that way. However, halfway through the interrogation, Jake has to change Mac's diaper, but Charles continues repeating everything Jake says.

Holt and Rosa discuss the photo situation. Since Kevin only checks his messages once a day, Rosa and Holt sneak into Holt's house to delete the email from Kevin's computer before he sees it. Suddenly, Cheddar barges into the room, barking like crazy, notifying Kevin of an upstairs presence.

Jake walks into the break room with Mac and asks Charles for an update on the case. They speak as if they are singing lullabies so that they do not wake up Mac. Jake and Charles realize Franzia was one of the babysitter contenders and planted a bug in a toy he gave to Mac.

Terry finds Amy in the break room and tells her they moved up her presentation, so she has to leave now. Jake walks in and asks Amy to take Mac so that he can go arrest Franzia. They argue about what to do until Jake relents and agrees to miss the arrest and watch Mac while Amy goes to her presentation.

At the One Police Plaza, Amy prepares to present while looking extremely disheveled. Terry gives her a pep talk before she goes in. After the presentation, Amy tells Terry it went well. Amy's biggest competitor is about to walk in, and Terry sprays water all over him, making it look like he peed himself.

Charles recounts the entire arrest to Jake over the phone. At the end of their phone call, Mac pulls himself up and stands for the first time.

Back at Rosa's apartment, she suggests that Kevin might be missing Holt and tells Holt to message Kevin. Holt mistakes Rosa's suggestion for resending the nude photo of himself, but Kevin responds positively and ends up flirting with Holt.

Amy comes home after the presentation. She did receive the funding for her plan to reform the NYPD. Amy and Jake reflect on balancing work and parenting.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 Episode 4 Quotes

Jake: Stupid Franzia is probably in his house right now trying to murder him and his family.
Amy: At least he's not here trying to murder me and Mac!
Jake: I appreciate you trying to make me feel better, Ames, but we both know you're grasping at straws.

Jake: This is why you don't have an arch-nemesis, Terry, because you focus on the wrong details.
Terry: Maybe I don't have an arch-nemesis because I solve all my crimes.
Jake: That's a pretty fucked up thing to say to me.