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Kitty’s collapse at the beach was caused by a clot in her lung, not her cancer. But the cancer is still there. Her best option is a bone marrow transplant.

Holly tells Ryan that the Coastal Reserve wine spill was not an accident. The valves on the tanks had been tampered with.

Kitty wants Sarah to fetch a shoebox from her house. It’s full of letters from an older politician with whom she had a relationship with shortly after graduating college.

No one is a match for Kitty’s bone marrow. But hope is not lost. Ryan has yet to be tested. Unfortunately, the family thinks he may have skipped town after his confrontation with Holly.

But the kid’s still around and trying to get the slimy Dennis York to slide him some getaway cash.

Before that can happen, a police officer shows up at his door. Ryan thinks he’s going to jail. Actually, he’s headed for the hospital.

An investigator Kevin hired reveals that Robert has been making biweekly visits to a house in Westwood. He thinks Robert may be having an affair, but she’s a psychiatrist who’s been helping him deal with Kitty’s illness.

Sarah arrives back at the hospital with Kitty’s letters. The guy who wrote them was pretty darn famous.

Nora storms in with some great news: Ryan is a match.

Robert manages to push the fear of Kitty’s bone marrow procedure aside long enough to make a romantic gesture: “Will you marry me all over again?”

An overwhelmed Kitty says yes. The moment gets even more emotional when Rebecca brings Evan by to see his mom.

Nora stops by Ryan’s place to tell him he’s a match. But the boy is busy packing up his things to head out of town. It finally dawns on Nora that this is about William.

Back at the hospital, Nora and Saul contemplate their next move. But someone has made it for them. Ryan steps into the hospital.

The operation is back on, and so is that second wedding. Saul oversees the exchanging of the vows as the family watches.

The feeling doesn’t last long. During a press conference, Robert announces that his wife’s bone marrow transplant was a success and Kitty’s cancer is in remission.

He also announces that he is withdrawing from the race for governor.

Later, the infamous box of letters is on a table in front of Kitty as she sits by a warm fire. She tells her mom that it’s as if those letters were written about somebody else.

She’s a different person now. She has been given a second chance at life.

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