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Kitty is preparing to announce her candidacy for Senate. Buffy, the woman who leaked their conversation about running to the media, wants to be campaign manager.

Robert is against it, but Kitty wants to interview her.

Buffy proves she has the chops when she tells Kitty that her venue for the announcement is going to be swarming with people for some competing event.

In the end, they decide to move the announcement to Ojai Foods.Buffy tells Kitty that Scotty shouldn't be on stage because he's gay (and neither will Saul) and they want Robert out of sight. Buffy wants nothing to take away attention from Kitty.

She then tells Kitty that Holly has sold all her shares in the company and she better find out who really owns the company. But on that momentarily.

Later, Alex, the man Kitty had an emotional affair with at the park shows up at Robert's office. He says someone called about his relationship with Kitty.

He seems to have no other motive but to protect Kitty, but we'll see. Robert tells him to set up a meeting and that they'll both get to the bottom of it.

Meanwhile, Kevin wonders why Sarah can't seem to commit to Roy. Kevin asks her if she really loved Luc. Then, a painting catches her eye and the curator notices. It's Luc's! Has he been in L.A. all this time? Luc sees Sarah, but refuses to come out.

Paige, Sarah's daughter, tells her she has a crush on a boy that makes her cheeks flush and a young boy who's just a nice guy. Sarah tells her that sometime the boy that makes your cheeks flush isn't the right choice. Cough, LUC!

Holly decides to tell David that the company is indeed worth more than she knew. She also tells him that Dennis tried to blackmail her into having sex with him for the secret.

She didn't take him up on it. She has decided to sell her shares, but she's worried about how the Walkers are going to treat Rebecca once they find out whom she sold out to.

At Nora's, Rebecca begins to have pains of some kind. Later at the hospital, we find out that she has lost the baby. Holly is thankful Nora was there when Rebecca needed her.

Holly gets all choked up when Nora says they're family now. When Justin arrives, Rebecca tells him she wants to try for a baby again. This won't be easy for them.

It turns out Holly created a mess by selling her shares to a conglomerate. They decide to fight back.

As Robert and Alex wait for the blackmailer to call, they bond over Kitty's cancer and the fact that Alex's ex-wife died of breast cancer. When the blackmailer arrives, it's Buffy. She was merely investigating rumors.

While it was a pretty dirty thing to do, Kitty decides to keep her on. Oh, and she decides to announce her candidacy at her home the next day.

For Valentine's Day, Roy gets Sarah Luc's painting from the gallery. In the process of figuring out what to get Sarah, Roy realizes he and Sarah are very different people. He then breaks up with her.

Nora finds Holly packing in her office and lets her have it. She tells her that it's always about money with her. Holly denies that, then tells Nora that she canceled the deal.

The whole talk at the hospital when Nora told her that they were family changed her mind.

When Holly tells Nora that the person who wanted to buy her shares is Dennis York, Nora looks as if she has seen a ghost and says that changes everything.

At Kitty's announcement of her candidacy, the whole family has come out to support, even poor Rebecca.

When Sarah returns to the gallery to have Roy's card credited for the painting and hers charged, Luc steps out to greet her and she finds out he did the painting she loved so much...

Brothers & Sisters
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